Har Ki Doon Trek Package

If you have to imagine a place full of alpine trees and greenery stretching beyond your eyes can follow. Surrounded by snow covered peaks with cold and calm rivers flowing and flora and fauna so amazing and diverse that they are breathtaking. Imagined it? It is amazing isn’t it? This is just the beginning of what Trekking in Har Ki Doon Valley looks like.

The best thing about Har Ki Dun Trek Package is that you will actually be away from modern world. This scenic beauty is still in its purest form as people here are far from the rush of city lives. This is one of the best treks that could be accomplished with ease and especially during winters.

Wooden houses with beautiful and yet simple architecture, shepherds with their flocks, people with friendly nature and river showing you the way appeal to your inner soul. People over there even weave their own jackets and coats. It is believed that the place was ruled by Kauravas and Pandavas. The people of the village worship Kauravas.

Har Ki Doon Trekking Itinerary Starting from Sankri

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Day 1 – From Dehradun to Sankri (Drive)

Sankri is a small village which shall be your base camp and is situated at 1950 meters above sea level. It takes 10 hours drive to reach there from Dehradun. Although the drive may seem tiring and exhausting but once you reach Sankri you get totally refreshed by the mesmerizing view over there.

You shall reach there just in time to catch the beautiful sunset. Small but simple restaurants over there that serve delicious local food will make you starve and will win your heart over.

The place has GMVN guest house and also a few houses that you can rent for your stay. You can also bring tents and camp over there. This embarks your beautiful journey that will leave memories for ever.

Day 2 – From Sankri to Taluka drive (12 km)

Chirping of birds, chillness of the air and a beautiful view of misty mountains will wish you a good morning. Sipping tea while a blanket wrapped around you as you see snow covered mountains is a feeling that shall never escape your heart.

Do a light but energy rich breakfast as you need lots of power today. If you are a regular trekker then you would not find any problem but if you are a beginner then you should have energy bars and big water bottles with you.

Taluka village is situated 2410 meters above sea level. Your journey will take you through chestnut, walnut and chinar forests. The village is beautiful and perfect for camping and Bon fire.

If you still have some strength left then a little more trekking will take you to Seema village. There is a GMVN guest house and few shops over there. To reach to Seema village stay on the right side of Supin River. You might need to cross some wooden bridges which will be slightly risky but awesome place to click pictures.

Day 3 – Taluka to Osla trek (14 km)

By now you get accustomed to the chillness and the thinning of atmosphere as today you shall rise more higher. Osla is situated at 2560 meters above sea level.

The trek will involve a small visit to many places. You shall also encounter few wooden bridges and lush green grass with wild orchids. If you are lucky then you might be able to see Barking Deer, Bore, Leopard and many other animals.

You shall notice the change in climate and in ability to breathe. One night at Osla will let you get accustomed to the change and you will be able to climb better next day.

Day 4 – Osla to Har Ki Doon Distance- 11 km

Now shall start the most pleasant trekking. Your trek today shall be little steep but constant view of lush green grass and beautiful wild flowers will keep u energized.

As you keep on climbing up you can see beautiful snow covered peaks more clearly. The Swargarohini peak and Jaundhar glacier will be visible once you reach Har Ki Doon. The pleasing ambience will take all your pain and tiredness away. You can stroll leisurely on the soft grass with cold wind rushing against your face.

Day 5 – Harkidoon to Jaundhar Glacier, Explore the area & back to camp Distance -15 km (This is optional as not everyone is able to do this and also it is impossible during winters.)

After seeing so many snow covered peaks and view of beautiful glaciers doesn’t it excite you? Don’t you want to visit a glacier? Well that is what you will be doing.

The trek will take you to Jaundhar Glacier and you will have enough time to take pictures and to explore it. Beautiful and clean snow with small patches of green make the place nothing less than a picture perfect scenery.

Trek back to Har Ki Doon and explore the entire valley. Make the day count by creating many memories.

You can either camp there or stay at GMVN forest rest house or guest house.

Day 6 – Harkidoon to Osla Distance- 11 km Time taken- 3 hrs

With so many memories in heart finally the day to reverse the journey has arrived. The terrain is something to which you have got accustomed to so you will reach back quite easily.

You need lots of water as dehydration is the biggest problem you can face there. The surrounding atmosphere soothes you while you climb down so you do not get tired.

Day 7 – Osla to Sankri Distance- 26 km

This portion of the trek might be slightly tiring but the atmosphere will keep you going with high enthusiasm. The trek should be slow so that you do not tire yourself completely. The trek also involves uneven climbing at some parts.

Diverse flora and fauna can be seen as this part is rich in it. You should take proper rest once you reach Sankri as the next day drive will be more tiring.

Day 8 – Drive back to Dehradun. Reach by 7-8 pm

From Sankri you can drive back to Dehradun or you can book a taxi as the terrain is quite difficult.